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I'm Bri LaShae.

I am a simple girl with intricate tastes. My thirst for knowledge is insatiable. I have dreams bigger than this entire planet, and the universe surrounding it. I am nothing like anybody you have ever met in your lifetime. I have changed a lot over the years, learned a lot of things, found happiness, and kept moving forward. I will never look back, my past is as stated and shall remain that way. I despise arrogant and histrionic people. I obsess over lighthouses and animals. My family always has a special place in my heart. I honestly do not think I was born with a selfish bone in my body. I really enjoy hot tea. Talk to me, there will never be a dull moment.

I am the most humble girl you'll ever meet.

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Anonymous asked: I wish we dated!

Why is that??

Anonymous asked: Are you into your ass being licked?


Anonymous asked: Rough buttsex & pizza?

Pizza yes anal no

Kik message me: cuntbrutality

Kik message me: cuntbrutality

Anonymous asked: How often do you masterbate?

doesn’t matter or concern you

Anonymous asked: Post more pictures of your ass


thisfrenchwhiteguy asked: you're really sexy :) I want play with you

too bad



xtopgunx asked: When are we gonna gnosh on some Za down by the surf? Sounds most excellent. Grindage is what life's about! The negi vibes of hunger really harsh my mellow.


yngvandal-deactivated20140729 asked: You got some creepy guys on you're page. Haha 👎👎


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